Cash Flow & Net Worth Trackers

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I made a cash flow statement template available for download in a previous post and it’s been a popular download. Recently, I realized the template is in an older file format, so I created templates in multiple file formats and linked to them below. Similarly, I previously posted a net worth tracking template in an… Continue reading Cash Flow & Net Worth Trackers

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Cash Flow Planning – Step by Step

I previously posted an article regarding cash flow planning and noticed that a lot of the visitors coming to this site are viewing this article.  I decided to create a more thorough walk through of creating your own cash flow planning Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  Having learned to cash flow plan through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace… Continue reading Cash Flow Planning – Step by Step

Cash Flow Planning

I took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU) course last fall and learned quite a bit.  I entered the class not expecting to learn too much but came out surprised with the many fresh ideas Dave gave me. One of my favorite lessons focused on cash flow planning.  Cash flow planning allows you to plan… Continue reading Cash Flow Planning