Investment + Savings Challenge

I’m going to start tracking my investment and savings rate on this site, starting with August 2016.  My investment+savings rate is based on my *gross* income.  Also, I’m including in gross income my employer’s 401(k) contribution, as they give me a portion of my salary each month.  This isn’t a match, but a contribution to my 401(k), so I view it as income and include it in my gross income so that my savings+investment rate isn’t disproportionately inflated by this contribution.

August 2016:  36.41%
September 2016:  24.69%
October 2016;  24.69%
November 2016:  19.30%
December 2016:  19.30%
January 2017:  35.47%
February 2017:  25.82%

For a more thorough explanation regarding why I am increasing my investing and savings, see this post.

Finance from a Catholic Perspective

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